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Silver Facial Kit

A range of extracts of silver for all type of skin itermoves dead cells, black patches & spot. Also gives fairness & tightening effect to skin.

Solver Cleansing Gel

The gel made from real silver & aleovera, which cleans the skin deeply. Rub gently for 5-7 minutes on the face & clean with moist cotton.

Silver Scrub Pack

Used for removing scars & blemishes. Removes dead cells & black heads. Take required quantity & massage lightly avoiding the eye area. Let it dry for 5-10 minutes & remove with moist cotton.

Silver Whitening Cream

An ayurvedic massage cream penetrates in muscles of skin and gives natural shining to the skin. Rub the cream gently with fingertips in circular inward-outward direction for 12-15 minutes & clean with moist cotton.

Silver Moon Pack

A special pack blended with real silver extracts for giving glow & shine to the skin. Apply the pack on wet face & let it dry for 15 minutes & remove with moist cotton.









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