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Pear Facial Kit

Good for all skin types, this offers excellent & improves skin tone and complexion

Pearl Gel

An ayurvedic cleansing gel which cleans the skin throughly. It can also be used as a pore cleanser which removes dirt & pollution from the skin and gives nourishment to the dead skin cells. Rub the gel on face and neck gently with finger tips in circular motion for 5-6 minutes and clean it with dry cotton.


An ayurvedic scrub which removes dead cells. It reduces the epidermal layer and also treat cases of sun burn. Apply the scrub on the face, neck gently massage with fingertips. Don't rub on pimple and acne.

Pearl with cream

An ayurvedic cream which has property of herbal extract. which controls the wrinkles preventing tanning and patches apply the cream on the face and gently massage with fingertips.

Pearl Glow Pack

A shine booster and moistening pack give glow and tightening effect to skin. Apply the pack on wet face, let it dry and clean with moist cotton.











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