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noni Facial kit

A special Facial Produce by Nandini Herbal Care first time in india. Noni is a Powerful Anti-Oxidant and it can early absorb through the skin. Noni also regulates the function of skin cells. Noni is helpful in generate new cells of skin, thus it controls wrinkles. There are so many natural oils, vitamins and minerals is noni extract like vit-a vit-b calcium iron vit-e vit-b12, Biotin Pantothenic Acid Phosphorus, Manganese molybdenum which are useful in difference skin problems. Because of above vitamins and acids gives fairness glow shingling to skin.

Gel :

Rub gently on face for 3-5 minutes and clean with dry cotton.

Scrub Cream :

A powerful blends of natural scrub which helps to clean the dead epithelial cells of the skin. Gently rub on face for 10-12 minutes clean with wipe cotton.

Massage Cream:

A powerful blend of real noni extract which bring out a radiant glow by remove skin problem.

Face Pack :

Apply on wet face leave it for 15-20 minutes wash with plain water.

Skin Glow Lotion: Nourishing and oil free moisturizer which helps to replenish the lost skin moisture Use after facial treatment & daily while go outside.








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