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Mango Facial kit

A range of pure mango extracts and fruits made for all types of skin, special results in oily, sunburn and rough skin.

Method Application:

Mango Cleansing Gel

A herbal gel blended with mango and other fruit extracts for cleansing and nourishing the skin. Rub gently for 5-7 min. and clean with moist cotton.

Mango Scrub Pack

Used for removing scars & blemishes, take require quantity and massage lightly voiding the eye area, let it dry and remove it with moist cotton.

Mango Face Massage Cream

An ideal face massage cream blended with rose & sandal with property of anti-ageing & revitalizing the skin. Rub the cream on the face gently with finger tips inward-outward circular motion for 12-15min, and clean the face with moist cotton.

Mango Glow Pack

A special pack blended with pure mango extracts for giving glow & revitalizing the skin. Apply the pack on wet face & let it dry for 15min. Then remove it with moist cotton










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