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Haldi magic

This Anti alergic facial kit is perfect blend of Haldi, Neem & Tulsi to heal pus, Acne & pimple problems, Dries the pimple & control excessive oily secretions.

Haldi Cool Gel :

This cooling gel cleans the skin deeply & gives cooling effect to the skin. Gently rub for 5-7 minute & clean with moist cotton.

Haldi Massage Cream :

This massage is perfect blend of Haldi, Neem & Tulsi gives Anti Alergic effect to the skin by penitrates in muscles. It gives fairness to skin. Rub the cream gently with finger tips in circular, inward-outward direction for 15 - 20 Minutes & Clean the face with moist cotton.

Haldi Face Pack :

A special pack with real Haldi for giving glow, shining & revitalizing the skin. Apply the pack gives smoothness, shining, polishing & refreshment to skin. Apply the pack on wet face & let it dry for 15 minute, remove with moist cotton.










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