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Dulhan Facial kit

Dulhan Facial kit is a great combination of deferent types of vitamins, aroma oils, tilia clay, and lots of natural powerful contains which gives extra ordinary results which every bridal deserve. Dulhan Facial prevents bridal's skin from pollution & pimples, gives nourishment and smoothness, removes marks & patches and makes skin healthy, glowing, fair and tight.

Dulhan Mierobeaps Jojoba Gel

This Gel is combination of Tulsi, Clove oil, peppermint, micro beads and jojoba oil. Massage of this Gel removes dead skin and helps to remove dead cells scrubbing of this Gel helps to fastness the blood circulation which gives extra-ordinary glow & shining to skin, jojoba oil helps to make skin soft and beautiful, this gel also helps for oily skin to decrease the access oil and it gives tremendous result to acne and pimples.

Usage: Gently massage on face for 10 to 15 minutes, remove with wipe cotton.

Dulhan Mulberry vit Gel

This Gel Great combination of Vit A, Vit B, Vit E & Vit B12 massage of this gel gives tremendous glow & shining to the skin and it gives Vit E to the skin, Key Ingredients of the gel are A2 cont Vit E- RED& A2 mill cont Vit E- GREEN & ALOEVERA which helps to make skin healthy & Beautiful.

Usage: Take requires quantity and massage for 10 - 12 minute on face, Do not remove after massage.

Dulhan Wheatgerm Massage Cream

Key ingredients : Olive oil + Almond oil + Godhun oil (wheatgerm oil).

This massage cream is prepared scientifically. which is useful to give protection against pollution to the skin, and ultra-ordinary for glow, shining and softness of skin, and it controls wrinkles of the skin.

Usage: Take require quantity and massage for 12-15 minutes on face and neck for more results, use ultra sonic with massage. Do not remove after massage.

Dulahan Honeymoon Special Fluid

This fluid is a great combination of Jasmine oil, Almond oil, Seed caret oil, Tea tree oil, wheat germ oil, Rose oil, Sandal oil and jojoba oil which are useful for whitening, smoothing, moisturizing, tightening and glowing of skin. This fluid is one type of skin food.

Usage: Take require quantity and gently massage for 10-15 minutes. Do not remove after massage.

Dulhan Tilia Clay Face Pack

Sodium,Potasium and magnesium content COLOUR CLAY PEEL OF TILIA balances electolytes in the cell and prevent from congestion and muscular tension. The particle size of TILIA CLAY gives it a high specific surface area and thus a high absorption capacity. It is very useful for deep cleaning oily and impure skin. Gives glow and fairness to the skin.

Usage: Apply on face and neck avoid eye area, Keep it for 15 minutes. Removes with wet cotton.

















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